Alyssa K London

Executive Coaching

Alyssa London's Confidence, Communication and Public Speaking Training was developed from a unique perspective.

She comes from the competitive and very public facing world of pageantry, as well as has a corporate background in the technology industry, and is a graduate of Stanford University. She also has performance training in singing, acting and TV Hosting. The combination of her experiences come together to create the unique background that informs her coaching methodology.

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Coaching Programs

In this competitive workplace and globalized marketplace, speaking clearly and with confidence is of the utmost importance.

Sharing your ideas and vision in a succinct way creates buy in from investors, directors, council members, employees, and teammates to name a few.

It is important to be engaging and articulate when sharing your ideas, and to present them with confidence. That is what leads to new opportunities for your company and momentum among your team members.

Having worked with executives, tribal leaders, pageant hopefuls, performers and business men and women. Alyssa has noticed that the differentiating factor between those who are successful and those who fall short, is confidence.

That means they are passed up for promotions, opportunities, the crown (in the case of pageants), funding, roles in shows and movies, in other words their dreams pass them by.

Confidence is an inner game that takes work. But it is the core of success in public speaking, communications and performances. Everyday should be considered a performance to an extent. You are presenting yourself to the world in a way you want to be remembered. You are creating your personal brand.

Without the internal work of confidence building, and practicing some of the mechanics and mindset tricks that come with performing and speaking, deserving people are passed up for the opportunities and recognition they deserve.

1:1 Coaching

Have you ever dreaded speaking at a company or team meeting, or felt nervous when answering your board of directors or council member's questions? What about when the PR or Communications department asks you to comment on exciting new changes in your company, do you defer that responsibility to respond to someone else? Is there discomfort in your daily interactions with your staff or clients because you are worried you will not communicate effectively, and not sure how they will receive what you have to say?

Through personalized coaching you will have the skill set to:

  • Respond to questions about your business and keep to your main talking points.
  • You will begin to look forward to addressing external and internal groups because you will have a plan for how to land your message and inspire your audience.
  • Together we will help you know “who you are” as a speaker and in essence your performance style when it comes to communication.
  • Fear will be replaced with confidence because you will feel prepared.
  • You will also see a change in your daily interaction with your staff, and may even receive comments to the effect of “what's changed?... I like it!”

Coaching can be done in-person with travel scheduled accordingly or online via WebEx, Zoom, FaceTime etc.

  • Create a toolkit of speeches, stories and responses so you are always prepared.
  • Develop your own unique speaker persona
  • Integration practice in your daily work life
  • Coaching rooted in cultural understanding
  • Culturally aware communication consulting
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1 on 1 Executive Coaching

Group Coaching

Group coaching will cover similar core concepts of 1:1 coaching with the added benefit of growing as an individual with your peers, and being able to practice what you learn with the people you work with. Learning as a small core team of leaders provides an opportunity to reinforce your new skills and knowledge by integrating it into your daily work interactions with the individuals you did the training with. It will also strengthen your working relationships as a group because each participant will learn more about each other's communication styles, and can recognize the professional growth of their peers. Coaching is also rooted in a cultural understanding and awareness.

Through group coaching you will gain the skill set to:

  • Approach team and company wide meetings as a leadership team with a coordinated presentation
  • Develop a unified messaging strategy company wide and for each department
  • Identify each other's communication and performance strengths
  • Celebrate and encourage each other's unique speaker persona
  • Speak to other leaders and staff in a positive, and inspirational tone
  • Utilize stories to make effective points in presentations and speeches
  • Motivate your team to strive towards a unified goal
  • Integrate the company's values and mission with ease into your communications
  • Encourage your teammates and fellow leaders to be the best communicators, presenters, and speakers they can be

Coaching can be done in-person with travel scheduled accordingly or online via WebEx, Zoom, FaceTime etc.

Our group trainings are great for:

  • On-site or off-site leadership retreats
  • Event specific preparations
  • On-going skill building and professional development
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