Alyssa K London

Journey of the Freckled Indian Children's Book

The Journey of the Freckled Indian seeks to help children be proud of who they are and increase their confidence in their identity. The books help to spread a message of belief and pride in yourself and your culture.

Brief Synopsis

A young girl is growing up in two worlds; suburban western culture, and Native American culture. Even though her family tells her to be confident in who she is and not let anyone challenge it, she struggles to be confident in her identity. The book series follows her journey as she comes to understand and make sense of her heritage and be confident in who she is.

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Journey of the Freckled Indian Front Cover


The Journey of the Freckled Indian children's book engages in the conversation of what it means to be Tlingit, Alaska Native and Native American in today's world. The concept of identity is very multi-faceted, and is not necessarily defined by skin color or blood quantum, but by family heritage and a person's involvement in their community. This first Freckled Indian children's book helps introduce children to the topic of identity as it pertains to who they are and where they come from, which is a very important in constructing a sense of self-confidence. The book will also allow parents to start a conversation with their children about how the outside world may not always see them for who they are, nevertheless they must stand proud and draw that strength from inside themselves.

Further Synopsis

The story is about a mixed-race Tlingit girl who grows up outside of her community, but gets made fun of after a classroom show-and -tell about her culture by her classmates because she doesn't look like their idea of an Indian. So, her parents fly her to spend the summer with her Tlingit grandfather to learn about her culture and where her family comes from. Through her adventures fishing and exploring with her grandfather, as well as some interactions with Tlingit mythological characters, she develops a connection with the land and her heritage and a gains a strong sense of who she is and where she comes from.

Manuscript Specifications

  • Audience: 5-10 years old
  • 32 total pages
  • 30 illustrated pages with text
  • Illustrations will show the scenery of Southeast Alaska and culture of her tribe and how it blends with modern/ western culture.
  • Key characters: A little girl who is the “Freckled Indian,” her Tlingit grandfather, her parents, a salmon named Fred, a mythical Killerwhale, and a comical eagle and a raven
  • Settings: Southeast Alaska, Ketchikan and Prince of Wales Island, and a school in a suburban setting of Seattle
  • Key themes: Identity, Self-acceptance, race, ethnicity, multi-culturalism, Native American culture today, Urban versus rural native culture
  • Educational component/ focus: 2 pages that provide context about the Tlingit tribe, Alaska Native tribes and Native American culture today
  • Alyssa London will provide the vision and initial text and will work with an editor to refine the written content
  • Renowned artist Preston Singletary's formline art (his formline artwork was depicted on the Miss USA gown) will be integrated into the illustrations
  • Need to work with specific illustrator(s) in Alaska Native network, or could discuss working with a publisher's recommended illustrator(s)
Author Meet and Greet in-person or virtual

Author Meet and Greet

Alyssa would be more than happy speak at your event, school, library or other venue and share the positive message of inclusion of the Journey of the Freckled Indian Book.

Are you interested in:

  • Learning about the story behind the story?
  • More information about Tlingit culture?
  • Having the story read aloud by the author?
  • A cultural presentation along with a book reading?

Journey of the Freckled Indian Book Team

Alyssa London - Culture Story host and producer
Alyssa London

Alyssa London is an Alaska Native Tlingit, which is a tribe from Southeast Alaska. She also has Czech and Norwegian heritage from her mother’s side. Her mixed ancestry is why she is fascinated with cultures and the concept of identity. Journey of the Freckled Indian is Alyssa’s first published children’s book.

Moni Rickert- Illustrator
Monica Rickert-Bolter

Monica Rickert-Bolter is a Chicago-based visual artist of Potawatomi, African American, and German descent. Monica brought the Journey of the Freckled Indian book to life as the illustrator, graphic designer, page layout designer, and copy editor. Through her talent, and dedication to the project, and ability to work collaboratively with Preston and Alyssa, the book took form.

Preston Singletary- American Glass Artist
Preston Singletary
Northwest Coast Formline Artist

The art of Preston Singletary, Tlingit, has become synonymous with the relationship between European glass blowing traditions and Northwest Native art. Preston contributed the Northwest Coast Formline artwork to Journey of the Freckled Indian. The imagery in the background, as well as several of the characters, came to life because of his contributions to the project. The book would not be as grounded in Tlingit culture if it were not for Preston’s willingness to contribute.