Alyssa K London

Alyssa provides technically sound and actionable advice to help with confidence, mindset training, public speaking and communications. Her methodology is informed by her remarkable journey from studying and graduating from Stanford University, to her a career in marketing and sales at Microsoft and other technology companies, to her success in pageantry culminating in a top 10 finish at Miss USA as the first Tlingit Miss Alaska USA in 2017, and her performance training and career as an actress, singer and television host.

Alyssa shows her audiences how they can also dramatically increase their influence, confidence and impact at work, through learning powerful communication techniques and building the courage to step outside their comfort zones.

From learning how to silence negative self-talk, clearly articulate your value and build professional presence, to engaging effectively with stakeholders, Alyssa will leave the audience feeling inspired and ready to speak with confidence to achieve their desired outcomes.

Alyssa is passionate about what she shares, and brings a high level of energy to all her presentations. She has spoken at organisations and conferences all over the USA. Her audiences consist of high performing professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs who are driven to take their careers to the next level.

Speech Topics

Professional Speaker Alyssa London
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Speech Topics

As a professional speaker she loves sharing her story and motivate others all over the state of Alaska and the country at schools, youth groups, events and conferences.

Create a Vision and Be Persistent

Everything we want to achieve in our lives starts with a dream and a vision. At first it may seem out of reach, but if you've been able to dream it up and it's recurring, then that's a sign you feel passionate about it and that it has come to you for a reason. It's important to honor that passion and vision that has come to you and to create a roadmap for how to get there. It's not random that you feel drawn to that vision. It's an honor to be born and it is each of our responsibilities with that gift to utilize the skills and talents we have inside ourselves and use them to make an impact and a difference in our communities and in the world.

I help people think about and honor their visions and create a plan to realize them. I share how this has worked in my life with my dreams. I talk about the concept of creating roadmap to achieve your goals. Everything I've achieved from acceptance and graduation from Stanford University to being a top 10 finalist at Miss USA started with a vision. From there I took a step back and figured out the steps it would take to achieve my goal. I believe there is always a road map and that I can help others create their own road map to their goals. In this seminar, I help others go through a vision creation process, set goals, and figure out the steps they need to take to get there. I help them work through the limiting beliefs that are holding them back and share with them the power of positive thought as well as the effectiveness of making it clear to those around you what you are working on achieving so that they can help you by holding you accountable. Finally I encourage them to ignore the “noise,” which is people telling you that your dreams aren't possible. The more energy and momentum you have going towards the path of achieving your goals, the more you will be challenged and experience naysayers and self-doubt. I've learned those are good signs that I am getting closer to my goal, so always ignore the noise.

Identity and Race

As a Tlingit woman who also has European heritage I found it difficult to be accepted because Native people thought I was white, and white people would always ask me to prove my Native-ness and ask my blood quantum. By sharing my story about how I've overcome my feelings of “where do I belong,” I help others feel more secure and confident with their identity -all parts of it- and provide encouragement to not let other people challenge them for who they are. Becoming the first Tlingit Miss Alaska USA, being appointed by my tribe as cultural ambassador and then wearing the Killerwhale gown at Miss USA helped me overcome my insecurities with my mixed heritage. As a result of really “owning” who I am, I was really accepted by my tribe and the larger Native American community as a result. The lesson from this is that if you're confident about your identity, other people accept it and don't challenge you on it. Plus it's an example of how powerful it is bring your culture into your endeavors. You can make a positive impact on many other people when you really own who you are because they can identify with your story.

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