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Culture Story Educational Experiences

The Journey of the Freckled Indian book seeks to help children be proud of who they are and increase their confidence in their identity. The book helps to spread a message of belief and pride in yourself and your culture.

The virtual book readings and experiences help to create the conversation.


Culture Story provides culturally rooted, inspirational and educational workshops.

The typical format for workshops includes:

  • Full group activities in which the material is introduced
  • Small group breakouts for deeper discussion and exploration
  • Q&A Session for further interaction

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We ensure it will be an interactive, impactful and motivating event!

Alyssa Speaking Virtually about JOFI
Virtual Educational Experience

Connecting with Identity: Exploring Culture & Heritage

Includes reading of: "Journey of the Freckled Indian: A Tlingit Culture Story".

In this workshop we will discuss the following:

  • What is culture?
  • What does your culture mean to you?
  • Importance of knowing who we are and where we come from
  • How culture helps with feeling grounded and provides a sense of belonging
  • How being a part of something greater than ourselves gives us purpose
  • The role of youth as culture bearers, and our elders as teachers
  • Brainstorm cultural preservation efforts and ways to honor our ancestors
  • Bridging the worlds we live in

At the end of this workshop, participants will have a clearer sense of why their culture is important to embrace and practice in their lives. They will also have a renewed sense of pride in their own culture and heritage and a desire to learn more about it. Another outcome is a renewed understanding of the importance of forming a strong sense of identity.

Alyssa Speaking Virtually about JOFI

Kickstart Conversations about Identity

The Journey of the Freckled Indian children’s book pushes boundaries because it engages in the conversation of what it means to be Tlingit, Alaska Native and Native American in today’s world. The concept of identity is very multi-faceted and is not necessarily defined by skin color or blood quantum, but more through family heritage and a person’s involvement in their community.

This first Freckled Indian children’s book helps introduce children to the topic of identity as it pertains to who they are and where they come from, which is very important in constructing a sense of self-confidence. The book will also provide parents an opportunity to start a conversation with their children about how the outside world may not always see people for who they are, nevertheless, they must stand proud and draw that strength from inside themselves.

Alyssa Speaking Virtually about JOFI