Alyssa K London

Are you looking for an engaging group training that will retain your employee's attention? Would you like several of your company's leaders or perhaps entire board trained, and need a dynamic facilitator up to the challenge? How about a training that not only feels personalized to the individual's growth, but also encourages ongoing positive feedback between leaders and teammates? Are you looking for a coach or trainer that has deep rooted cultural understanding and is focused on diversity and inclusion?

Professional Development Trainings & Workshops

Our group trainings can be tailored to:

  • Employee retreats
  • Event specific preparations
  • On-going skill building and professional development

Topics for trainings include:

  • Confidence Building
  • Speaker and Communications skill building
  • And more

Workshop/Training Format

  • There will be an accompanying workbook for the material
  • Although there will be full group activities when the material is introduced, there will be smaller group breakouts and individual time allotted as well
  • We will do individual and group sharing, and there will be some individuals who will be selected to present

Coaching a group is done most effectively in-person with travel scheduled accordingly. But it can be offered upon request online via WebEx, Zoom, FaceTime etc.

Some of the outcomes individuals can expect from the training or workshop:

  • A speaker toolkit of speeches, stories and responses so they are always prepared.
  • An understanding of their unique speaker persona
  • Excitement to communicate and speak up to share their knowledge and ideas
  • Encouragement from their colleagues to integrate and practice what they have all learned in their daily work life
  • Clearer understanding of personal and organization's goals
  • Increased confidence as an individual and group contributor
Interested in a workshop?

Workshop Topics